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Hi, my name is Ralph and I'm the founder of TeslaMod USA. I'd like to share my story, and the story of my company. 



It began in September of 2021. I was a Tesla enthusiast, but a skeptic at the same time. I was intrigued by the revolutionary technology that Tesla specializes in, and put-off my the many reports of manufacturing issues. I was envious of the performance and handling, and yet unsure about the inconveniences of driving an electric car. My decision to finally purchase a Tesla came down to one factor: Self-driving. 



But what is self-driving? Every car manufacturer will define it differently. Even Tesla uses many terms to define the different features it offers to assist drivers. To me, what was important in a self-driving car was the ability to automate the long and boring hours of making small steering wheel adjustments on the highway. In this area, Tesla's Autopilot technology is the best in it's class. And so on September 12th 2021, I ordered my Tesla Model 3.



My new car was everything I expected. Both the good and the bad. Invigorating performance and abysmal range. The 272 mile claimed range was really more like 200 with the heat on. And so my car was named "Rangeless". And yet it was that one feature that made me love my model 3 more than any previous car. I was working a full time job a considerable distance from home, and Autopilot turned my exhausting 1 hour+ commute into a relaxing ride. It was a commuter's dream, but I wasn't satisfied. Not even close.



You see, there are higher levels of self-driving out there. Technology with fancy names like "Full self driving" and "FSD Beta 10". Technology reserved for those with deep pockets and safe driving habits. Technology in other words, for which I was not eligible to possess.



But I wasn't going to give up. I had heard that by using a weighted device, you could enable your Tesla to drive fully autonomously on the highway. Of course, I purchased one straight away for $260, and it worked great. I was able to completely remove my hands from the steering wheel, and not get any nag warnings. But $260?! I mean come on! I knew that prices were being gouged and markets controlled. 



And so TeslaMod LLC was born in 2022. I sourced quality products and set reasonable prices from the get-go. Unsurprisingly, people were glad to be saving nearly $200, and of course, receiving the best products and customer experience you can find. I look forward to helping many people unlock the full potential of their cars, and experience Autopilot how it was always meant to be.



A special thanks goes out to Dan from DansDeals, who's posts has been a great help to me throughout my Tesla buying journey, and have even saved me $5,000 off MSRP.



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