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TeslaMod Autopilot Assistant - Model 3/Y

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This sleek device attaches to the steering wheel of your Tesla Model 3 or Y using two strong neodymium magnets and simulates the pressure of your hand, eliminating autopilot nags and warnings. Compatible with model years 2017 - 2022.

Subject to local laws and regulations. Buyer acknowledges responsibility for abiding by all laws and regulations, and for any damages resulting from the use of this product. 

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Our Tesla Yoke Buddy counterweights fits to your tesla steering wheel or tesla yoke to reduce autopilot nag and interruptions. This is a great Autopilot buddy for autonomous driving. It works with all FSD and autopilot versions, full self driving, as well as full self driving beta. Works with new 2022 Tesla Yoke, new model S, new model X, and Plaid.